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Kick start your career in the Tech industry with our Data Structures & Algorithm Cohort. Cohort provides a high-engagement learning experience with real-world applications.

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    Master the right set of skills & tools which will allow you to perfectly execute your basic Technical Skills with your upcoming projects.

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    Module 1

    Data Structures and Algorithms

    • Functions & Recursion
    • Arrays (including basic searching & sorting)
    • Strings & Matrices
    • Searching & Sorting (Algorithms & Problems)
    • Stacks & Queues
    • Sets & Maps
    • Linked Lists
    • Binary Trees (Basics) & Bit Manipulation.

    Introduction Of Java and Algorithms

    • What is Java?
    • History of Java
    • Features of Java C++ vs Java
    • Hello Java Program
    • Program Internal
    • How to set path?
    • JDK, JRE and JVM
    • JVM: Java Virtual Machine
    • Java Variables
    • Java Data Types
    • Unicode System
    • Operators
    • Keywords

    Control Statements

    • Java Control Statements
    • Java If-else
    • Java Switch
    • Java For Loop
    • Java While Loop
    • Java Do While Loop
    • Java Break
    • Java Continue
    • Java Comments
    • Java Programs

    Java Object Class

    • Java OOPs Concepts
    • Naming Convention
    • Object and Class
    • Method
    • Constructor
    • static keyword
    • this keyword

    Java Inheritance

    • Inheritance (IS-A)
    • Aggregation (HAS-A)

    Java Polymorphism

    • Method Overloading
    • Method Overriding
    • Covariant Return Type
    • super keyword
    • Instance Initializer block
    • final keyword
    • Runtime Polymorphism
    • Dynamic Binding
    • instance of operator

    Java Abstraction

    • Abstract class ,Interface, Abstract vs Interface

    Java Encapsulation

    • package , Access Modifiers, Encapsulation

    Java Array

    • Java Array

    Java OOPs Concepts

    • Object class , Object Cloning
    • Math class , Wrapper Class
    • Java Recursion , Call By Value
    • strictfp keyword , Javadoc tool , Command Line Arg
    • Object vs Class
    • Overloading vs Overriding

    Java String

    • String Comparison , String Concatenation , Substring , Methods of String
      classStringBuffer class
    • StringBuilder class
    • String vs StringBuffer
    • StringBuffer vs Builder
    • Creating Immutable class
    • toString method
    • StringTokenizer class
    • Java String
    • String Handling

    Module 2

    Java String Methods

    • String charAt() , String compareTo() , String concat() , String contains() ,String
      endsWith(), String equals()
    • equalsIgnoreCase()
    • String format() , String getBytes() , String getChars()
    • String indexOf() , String intern() , String isEmpty()
    • String join() , String lastIndexOf() , String length()
    • String replace() , String replaceAll()
    • String split() , String startsWith(), String substring()
    • String toCharArray(), String toLowerCase() , String toUpperCase()
    • String trim() , String valueOf()

    Java Regex & Exception Handling

    • Java Regex API
    • Exception
    • Handling
    • Java Exceptions
    • Java Try-catch block
    • Java Multiple Catch Block
    • Java Nested try
    • Java Finally Block
    • Java Throw Keyword ,Java Exception Propagation, Java Throws Keyword, Java Throw
      vs Throws
    • Final vs Finally vs Finalize, Exception Handling with Method Overriding , Java Custom

    Java Inner Class & Java Multithreading

    • What is inner class, Member Inner class, Anonymous Inner class, Local Inner class
      static nested class , Nested Interface
    • What is Multithreading
    • Life Cycle of a Thread ,How to Create Thread
    • Thread Scheduler,Sleeping a thread, Start a thread twice
    • Calling run () method
    • Joining a thread
    • Naming a thread
    • Thread Priority
    • Daemon Thread
    • Thread Pool
    • Thread Group
    • Shutdown Hook
    • Performing multiple task
    • Garbage Collection
    • Runtime class
    • Multithreading

    Java Synchronization

    • Synchronization in java
    • synchronized block
    • static synchronization
    • Deadlock in Java
    • Inter-thread Comm
    • Interrupting Thread
    • Reentrant Monitor

    Module 3

    Java I/O

    • Java Input/Output
    • FileOutputStream
    • FileInputStream
    • BufferedOutputStream
    • BufferedInputStream
    • SequenceInputStream
    • ByteArrayOutputStream, ByteArrayInputStream
    • DataOutputStream , DataInputStream
    • Java FilterOutputStream , Java FilterInputStream
    • Java ObjectStream , Java ObjectStreamField
    • Console , FilePermission
    • Writer , Reader , FileWriter
    • FileReader
    • BufferedWriter , BufferedReader
    • CharArrayReader, CharArrayWriter
    • PrintStream , PrintWriter
    • OutputStreamWriter , InputStreamReader
    • PushbackInputStream , PushbackReader
    • StringWriter , StringReader
    • PipedWriter , PipedReader
    • FilterWriter , FilterReader
    • File , FileDescriptor , RandomAccessFile , java.util.Scanner

    Java Serialization

    • Java Serialization
    • Java transient keyword

    Java Networking

    • URL class , URLConnection class , HttpURLConnection
    • InetAddress class , DatagramSocket class

    Java AWT & Events

    • AWT Basics, Event Handling, AWT Button,
    • AWT Label, AWT TextField , AWT TextArea
    • AWT Checkbox, AWT CheckboxGroup, AWT ChoiceAWT List, AWT CanvasAWT
    • AWT MenuItem & Menu, AWT PopupMenu, AWT Panel, AWT Dialog ,AWT Toolkit
    • Java ActionListener, Java MouseListener, MouseMotionListener
    • Java ItemListener, Java KeyListener , Java WindowListener
    • Java Adapter classes , Close AWT Window

    Java Swing

    • Swing Introduction
    • Java JButton
    • Java JLabel ,Java JTextField, Java JTextArea
    • Java JPasswordField , Java JCheckBox , Java JRadioButton , Java JComboBox ,Java
    • JTable, Java JList
    • Java JOptionPane, Java JScrollBar, Java JMenuItem & JMenu, Java JPopupMenu,
    • JCheckBoxMenuItem, Java JSeparator
    • Java JProgressBar, Java JTree, Java JColorChooser, Java JTabbedPane, Java JSlider
    • Java JSpinner, Java JDialog, Java JPanel, Java JFileChooser, Java JToggleButton
    • Java JToolBar, Java JViewport, Java JFrame, Java JComponent, Java JLayeredPane,
    • Java JDesktopPane
    • Java JEditorPane, Java JScrollPane, Java JSplitPane, Java JTextPane, Java JRootPane
    • Using ToolTip, Change Title Icon , Executable Jar File, Digital Watch, Graphics in
      swing,Displaying Image

    JavaFX Tutorial

    • JavaFX Tutorial, Install Java, Install Eclipse
    • JavaFX with Eclipse, JavaFX Architecture
    • Application Structure , First JavaFX Application

    JavaFX Event Handling

    • JavaFX Event Handling, JavaFX Convenience methods
    • JavaFX Event Filters, JavaFX Event Handlers

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    Peram Rajashekar Reddy

    Founder, PERAMSONS

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Anyone interested in starting their career as a developer applies for this course.

    No, pre-requisites are required for this course. However, A basic understanding of programming is recommended.

    There will be regular sessions exclusively for all your doubts to be cleared up on a real-time basis.

    Yes, we provide you with different sessions that aim to improve your Profile and competitive programming skills that are required to crack your interviews. We provide you with 100% placement assistance and conduct regular mock exams and interviews.

    This is a 100% Job Assistance program wherein you’ll acquire the industry-requested skillset and HandsOn experience in the live projects by the end of the course, which is the most important qualifying factor for any aspirant.

    Yes, we have banking partners who offer different EMI options to help you manage your finances and take the course. We also provide Up to 100% scholarships based on the Scholarship test we conduct.

    A refund can be made only one week before the start date.

    Yes, you can shift to a different batch. The money paid is not transferable to another person.